Creative and Performing Arts

Music and creative arts are very important at the school because they develop skills and abilities that can only be nurtured through artistic endeavour.
Creative and Performing Arts is one of the most important components of the Alwych approach to a broad and inclusive education that develops all areas of our students’ interests, skills and abilities. Excellence in the arts is also highly valued by leading universities across the world.

The school has exceptionally strong departments of Music, Art and Drama. All pupils have the opportunity to perform music of many styles and genres whether in bands or in one of several choirs or classical groups, take part in drama productions, and to contribute to art exhibitions and festivals.

Aldwych boasts a 400 seater theatre, black-box theatre, specialist music rooms, music rehearsal rooms, ensemble performance areas, specialist art rooms, graphics design rooms, and studios.


Music is a universal language that can engage and inspire children. Learning a musical instrument or simply appreciat­ing a broader range of musical genres develops the mind and spirit in unique ways. It also provides a source of joy and satisfaction that can last a lifetime.

Our musical education begins in Kindergarten and continues every year, allowing students to develop an appreciation and love for music whilst honing their musical skills. Whole class instrumental music lessons provide every child with the opportunity to discover and learn an in­strument they enjoy.

Students are also able to receive individual one-to-one specialist music lessons on an instrument of their choice, delivered by a team of outstanding visiting professional musicians
Throughout the year a busy schedule of concerts, musicals, recitals and assemblies provide children with the opportunities to showcase their work and talent, both in the school and in the wider community.


Drama provides excellent opportunities for creative exploration, expression and performance, as well as the exploration of contemporary and historical issues in an imaginative way. Acting skills and the ability to understand people’s reactions are key to being a resilient and successful individual.

Through play and performance students develop a sense of ease in public situations. Drama at Aldwych includes dramatic play, story enactment, imagination journeys, theatre games, music and dance. Every student will enjoy the opportunity to play a key role in a class assembly and an annual production every year.


Art at Aldwych is an exciting and wide-ranging subject, and we offer opportunities for our artists to extend their talents beyond the timetable and the curriculum.

All students will experience a diverse spectrum of practical art skills, both modern and traditional.

A wide range of after-school activities support the needs and interests of all our artists. Regional and international artists, craftspeople and designers are invited to hold workshops in the school.