Why Aldwych

Young people today face a competitive and challenging future. Traditional models of education work for some but not everyone. The Aldwych ethos is that every student can and will succeed. We provide the elements necessary for strong academic performance together with a broad educational experience that will allow students to discover their own way to stand out.

Bilingual: Proficiency in at least two languages is fast becoming a minimum standard for professionals. Those without bilingual skills will likely be left behind. Aldwych’s dual language curriculum combines the compulsory elements of the Chinese curriculum and essential elements of British education to ensure students become fully bilingual.

Academic performance: Aldwych School is a part of the British Schools Foundation, an organisation of British international schools that regularly outperforms most international schools around the world at iGCSE and A Level and has prepared students to obtain places at top universities in the UK and US.

Environment: Aldwych’s campus has been designed by a team of international architects to produce a special and unique learning environment. Our school years are not only about educational achievement but a time to enjoy and treasure. We provide a varied, exciting and engaging environment for students to discover their joys and passions.

Experience: With a presence in China lasting almost 20 years, we have unmatched experience establishing premium international schools and providing top education in China.