Headmaster's Welcome

User-added imageWelcome to Aldwych School. As the founding Headmaster, it is an honour to lead this highly ambitious school. Our aim is to develop the next generation of leaders by blending the very best of the British and Chinese education systems in a bilingual educational setting.  

In the 25 years that I have been involved in education, either as a teacher or as a school leader, I have had the pleasure of seeing the students in my charge achieve the highest academic results, attend the top universities and go onto work in prestigious companies often progressing to senior positions. It is a source of great pride and personal satisfaction to know that the education that they have experienced has given these students the foundation for their future success. 

Aldwych values high academic performance and we have the highest expectations for our students. We are aware that by offering a bilingual education we will confer upon them advantages that will help to pave the way for their future academic success. I expect my staff and students to be working towards the highest possible academic outcomes from the first day. 

The highly qualified teaching team at Aldwych will deliver an engaging curriculum that supports students to learn independently in a secure and supportive atmosphere. Our dedicated teachers will provide a bespoke education that suits each child’s individual needs. Technology will be used to enhance the learning experience and to ensure that our students are highly literate in all areas of communication.  

In addition to achieving academic success, Aldwych students will also grow in cultural awareness and confidence and become well-rounded individuals who have explored a variety of activities and interests. Our tailor-made curriculum includes experiential learning opportunities outside of the classroom that allow students to develop a broad range of skills and interests. It is through this rich and challenging educational experience that character is built, a key element of success in later life. 

As part of the British Schools Foundation, an organisation with almost two decades of experience providing British international education in China and across the world, we have access to a great network staff with a fantastic record of academic success. Aldwych will use this network to add further enrichment to our students’ everyday life. 

I encourage you to explore our website and discover what makes Aldwych School unique. Better still, come and visit us with your family and learn first hand about our school. Aldwych opens in a well appointed campus but within a year will move to a spectacular new facility designed by an international team of architects who have worked to produce a magnificent facility that will be able to deliver a 21st century education. I look forward to the opportunity to show it all to you. 

Iain Ruck 
Founding Headmaster