In the first three years of secondary (Grades 7 to 9), students study a wide range of subjects both in English and Chinese. At the end of Grade 9, students sit the Zhongkao certifying their completion of the compulsory cycle of the Chinese curriculum. The focus then shifts to preparation for iGCSE examinations which students sit at the end of Grade 10. In Grades 11 and 12 students follow the A Level programme and prepare for university entrance while also continuing to study Chinese language and literature.

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Lessons are taught by English and Chinese specialist subject teachers. Tutors guide students with their subject selection for iGCSE and A Level in consultation with the family and the school’s university admissions advisors.

Whilst academic performance and exam preparation is a major focus of the secondary programme, Aldwych also aims to give students a wider intellectual preparation for life beyond school. Our approach requires that students learn to enquire more broadly about their subjects of study and how they link to the world outside the classroom. Students acquire a level of intellectual curiosity that is not only important to gain a place a top university but is also for professional success thereafter.