Primary School

Our primary curriculum combines the compulsory elements of the Chinese national curriculum with key elements of the English National Curriculum. Every class has a British teacher and a teacher assistant. Chinese language and mathematics are taught by specialist Chinese teachers.

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The curriculum has three main aims. Firstly, to meet the goals of the Chinese national curriculum. Secondly, to ensure students become fully bilingual. Thirdly, help students develop the skill of learning through enquiry and problem solving. This is achieved through a combination of traditional instruction and project based learning across a range of subjects. Student do work both individually and in groups.

The curriculum provides a well balanced range of subjects that include English, Chinese, Mathematics, Science, Computer Science, Humanities, Art, Music, Sport and Community Work. Extracurricular clubs give students the chance to explore personal interests and pursue activities they enjoy.

Our curriculum is rigorous and ambitious. Students are assessed weekly in core areas of the curriculum to ensure sufficient progress is being made. We check overall progress through regular benchmarking exercises. Where necessary, additional learning support is provided.