Examination Results

Our students tend to perform excellently across many different disciplines, achieving top results in public examinations. BSF schools are amongst the best of British international schools around the world, with educational results that are comparable to many of the best private schools in the UK. We set a standard for high achievement from the very beginning and expect high performance from our very first cohorts.

The IGCSE and A level results for 2017/2018 were outstanding. 77% of all IGCSE entries graded A*-A, more that triple the UK average of 21%. 52% of all A-Level entries graded A*-A, double the UK average of 26%.

Students from our schools have been offered places at excellent universities including Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, London School of Economics, Princeton, Brown and Stanford. 25% of graduates entered the top 30 universities in the UK and US, and 95% entered their first choice.

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