Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum at ASW aims high and relies on exceptional teachers to motivate and inspire pupils to relish in their learning.
Our curriculum combines the compulsory elements of the Chinese national curriculum and adds essential elements of British education. In secondary, students work towards iGCSE (Grade 10) and A Level examinations (Grade 12) . Prior to that, in Grade 9 students sit the Chinese ZhongKao certifying the completion of their Chinese compulsory education.

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Most students at Aldwych are expected to go on to study at overseas universities, primarily in the UK and the US. IGCSE and A Level are the most widely recognised university entrance qualifications and provide the most reliable path for entry into top universities. The school guides students in selecting their subject and universities and helps them prepare for any additional examinations that are required, such as IELTS for UK universities or TOEFL, SAT and ACT for US universities.

The standards we pursue are essential to the curriculum. Starting in Grade 1, students sit a weekly test in a core area of the curriculum to assess progress and achievement. Evaluations are initially simple and more informal and gradually become more rigorous and formal. Where necessary, extra support is provided so that every student has the opportunity to meet the learning goals. Also starting in Grade 1, we carry out annual external benchmarking tests that complement our internal progress reviews.

We provide a range of subjects to intellectually challenge students and help broaden their interests. We offer a wide selection of subjects at iGCSE and A Level including: English Language, English Literature, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Computing, Business Studies, Economics, Music, and Art.

Classes are typically taught in groups of up to 20 although students will often do assisted work in smaller groups. English is the principle language of the school and so a high standard of English is required.

However, in some cases the school admits able students with lower levels of English and provides the additional language learning support.